Secure Data Destruction

Here at Veterans Green Projects we understand how important it is to protect and safeguard your data. So we place a major focus on the proper handling, safekeeping, and destruction of your data. Regardless if your data is on a hard drive, tape drive, or any other storage device for that matter. Please feel free to contact us for more details about our secure data destruction services.

Electronics Waste Recycling

Our E-Waste program is completely comprehensive, efficient and compliant in the areas of recycling and data destruction. The procedures that will be used meet or exceed industry standards and those practiced by most other recyclers and data destruction companies. You can also rest assure that our procedures are designed specifically to divert toxic waste streams from landfill.

Power Management & Carbon Accounting

Our carbon accounting solution enables organizations to gain full understanding of resource consumption, emissions, and the return expected from investing in sustainability initiatives. These initiatives can be implemented across the internal organization and value chain in a consistent, efficient, transparent and cost-effective manner.

This solution provides a verifiable way for organizations to:

  • Position organizations to respond quickly and efficiently to new regulations
  • Manage, track, and report environmental and energy impact to a variety of reporting agencies and protocols.
  • Gain transparency into carbon and resource liabilities and potential assets
  • Create new revenue streams for an organization
  • Evaluate and demonstrate ROI in energy and resource reduction investments

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